Our Company

We aim to invest in development projects (industrial and service) and operation or contribute with other local companies or global

Why us?


We seek, by means of our investments, to make a significant contribution to enhance and raise the standard of living for individuals in our society through creating an innovative culture for both our employees and partners in the region.


Through our carefully selected investment activities, we aim to achieve appropriate profits that have a direct positive impact on the equity of our shareholders by responding quickly and effectively to the available investment opportunities.

  • Playing an active role in strengthening the industrial development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Increase the company’s role in relations to social and business responsibility and giving priority to the development of Al-Ahsa region.
  • Utilize and exploiting natural resource of the region.
  • Encouraging viable import substitution.
  • Establishment industries which rely on modern technologies develop locally or by cooperation with international organization.
  • Enhancing the existing asset of the company by establishing projects that guarantee excellent return on investment.
  • Improving and training the national manpower, so that they can handle the responsibilities in the companies projects.
  • Cooperating with the industrial authorities in the Kingdom and the other Arab Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ), to execute some projects jointly.
  • Offering assistance and consultation service to the industries and companies established by the Al-Ahsa Development Company.
  • Promote a profitable and sustainable business activity that meets the industries demand.

Board of Directors

Eng . Saad Amash Al-Shammary
Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Interim CEO
Rashed Abdullah Al-Rashed
Ahmed Abdullah Al-Khial
Muath Majed Al-Ohali