Annual Report 2016 CEO Speech

We Continue for a Better Future

Through a comprehensive vision that combines the economic role with the social role, the Board of Directors of Al-Ahsa Development Company is on the path since its commencement.

Fortunately, the current board of directors of Al-Ahsa Development Company composes a group of young entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia. This board has found itself operating under a comprehensive vision embracing the idea of ​​combining the economic and social roles of capital.

The Board of Directors continues to exercise its mandated role by directing the activities of the Company in all its sectors to maximize profits that reflect an appropriate positive return on shareholders’ through rapid and positive interaction with the available investment opportunities. At the same time, the company adheres to the philosophy to achieve the objectives of comprehensive social development.

The Board of Directors, through promising youth vision, plans in the coming period to continue to set up various industrial projects and manage them economically through its local and international expertise which serves the major goal of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.

The Board of Directors confirms that it is continuing to achieve supremacy in investments that will end up in favour and increase the ability of all the company’s employees.

Dr. Adel Ahmed Y. Al Saleh
Chief Executive Officer